Welcome To Frederick George Block Management Services




  • Dedicated Block Manager with industry experience

  • Section 20s consultation

  • Capital expenditure planning in relation to major works

  • 24-hour call out and maintenance

  • Emergency call outs

  • Strategic planning and health checks

  • Buildings insurance claims management

  • Regular accounts reviews

  • Quarterly reporting to clients

  • Easy transition when we take over management

  • Competitive prices


  • Great, helpful customer service.

    Jodi Deeley-lynch

  • Very helpful staff, would definitely recommend!!

    Ayron Freeman

  • Recently took management, instantly being reminded what it feels like to have genuine managing agents.

    Paul Joans

  • Great service - did a fantastic job a pleasure to deal with.

    Richard Elcome

  • Its a pleasure speaking to the staff at Frederick George who i find most helpful whenever i call the office.

    Andrew Elcome

  • Frederick George have managed my block for many years!! and have always provided me with a 100% service and a special thank you to Lisa who always goes that extra mile !!

    Abbie Mccarthy

  • Thank you for your quick and officiant response, I found the information you sent me extremely helpful.

    Macie Campbell

  • Staff are friendly and helpful, dealt with my insurance claim in short period of time.

    Joseph Cretkup

  • In all my years I have went through a substantial ammount of Managing Agents, and I must say Frederick George have provided me with the best service and the young chap Callum is also extremely efficient.

    Charlie Peters

  • Great customer serivce, lovely staff - always very helpful! Highly recommended to anyone.

    Jemma Hall

  • I have always had a positive experience with Frederick George management services, Whenever I contact their office I feel the staff do their best to be of assistance in dealing with my problem.

    Jackie Moriarty

  • Frederick George are very efficient due to the key point which is that they treat myself and presumably the rest of their clientle very well and priotise my matters when they need to be tended to.

    Holly Grace

  • Frederick George dealt with my insurance claim very promptly, found them genuinely helpful and this made the process a lot easier.

    Amy Sullivan